Above: Bronze Age petroglyphs - cup-marked rocks at Ormaig, Kilmartin, West of Scotland

The cup-marked stone at Connachan Farm, with Foulford Inn at back.

Above: cup-marked stone at Fortingall Burial Ground, Perthshire

Ormaig petroglyphs. Cup-marked stone in souterrain at Pitcur

Above: Cup marked stone at the entrance to Pitcur souterrain inner chamber

Cap stone at Pitcur

Above: Cup marked cover stone at Pitcur souterrain

Possible cup-=marked stone near Ardtalnaig.

Above: possible cup marked stone at Ardtalnaig, Perthshire

Cup marked recumbent stone at Connachan Farm, foulford Inn at back

Cup marked recumbent stone at Connachan Farm, plan view

Above:  Cup marked stone at Monzie Castle, near Crieff, Perthshire

The faery stone St. fillans A cup marked stone in fortingall burial ground. Plan view of Connachan Farm cup-marked stone. Demonic Attack Dowsing The "Electric Brae" and Gravity Hills "Ley Lines of the UK and the USA"" book Geopathic Stress Poltergeist "Ley Lines and Earth Energies" book Home Page

     Cup marked standing stone at Monz\ie Castle

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Cup Marks

 Bronze-age Cup-marks (Rock Art or Petroglyphs)

Below: The Faery Stone at St. Fillans, Perthshire, with two faint cup-marks on top

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