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Mary left Moness, a holiday complex to the South of Aberfeldy, a small  town near Loch Tay, Perthshire, about 8 p.m. one Sunday night in June this year. She was posted as missing later that evening.

Police, with a helicopter and search dogs, mountain rescue and gamekeepers, searched the nearby river and forest without success and probably looked with dismay at the other 250 plus square miles of forest, much of it impassable, around the town, but nevertheless checked the Forestry Commission paths over the next few days.

Later, CCTV at Moness showed Mary, dressed in beige trousers and dark jacket, walking out the entrance in rain, followed by a sighting, well over a mile up the steep road. A car driver saw her walking a mile further on, and stopped to ask if she needed a lift. She ignored him, obviously in some distress, and carried on walking.  There were no further sightings, and it was presumed she vanished into the forest about there.

I had just bought my first Radionics machine and thought that it would be able to help locate her. Printing out a picture of Mary I attached it to my machine and used a pendulum to determine the rate. My first surprise was that the pendulum rotated anti-clockwise, at a very low rate, when I realized that she must have passed on.

Map Dowsing

Using a 1¼ inch O.S. Map and my small angle rod I plotted a vector from my home town of Crieff, about 17 miles away to the area. This led me to the entrance of one of the main paths of Griffin forest and stopped a few hundred yards inside. Confidently, I went to the area, and, using my longer angle rod and a picture of Mary as a witness on my Radionics device, I found a trail at the entrance, followed it back down the road to ensure that at least I was tuning into one of the few people who had actually walked up the road and had not parked their car in the car park nearby. I then followed the trail back to the forest entrance and was amused to find that it led to a boulder, where, I presumed, she would have sat for a rest, then on to a narrow gate, which I had to squeeze through, without using my divining rod - a mistake as I discovered later. After a hundred yards my divining rod turned in a circle, seemingly indicating that I had arrived at my destination, but there was nothing there. Puzzled, I looked around and found that there were powerful overhead electric cables overhead which had blocked the trail of energy.

I pushed my way through, still following the trail, and carried on for some miles, then turned up a narrow path which ended in the deep forest, stumbling and sometimes crawling, wondering how a 61-year-old woman could be able to walk in such difficult conditions, back to another path, then again into deep forest, eventually after several miles, breaking out into another wide path, straight across this and back into the woods. This was no person, this was a deer I had been following. People leave a trail of energy behind them, the width of two successive waves being the same as the body

Above: the double wave of energies a person leaves behind him or her when they walk.

  Deer are about the same amplitude and when they ran across Mary’s’s energy trail I was following, my divining rod tuned into that instead.  It took me over 20 miles of difficult walking and rather more on my little collapsible bike over the next two months.

Since I had a picture of her leaving the Moness housing complex I tried again, walking to that exact spot and followed her trail up the steep, narrow, dangerous road, until the trail turned abruptly over a crumbling dry stone dyke, down a sheer drop then to the entrance of a culvert capturing a small stream and back to the road through very heavy undergrowth - another lesson, the open culvert captured her energy and warped it into a wide circle. A few hundred yards further on it again went into a wide circle, this time around two underground water tanks which had again captured her energy and over an impassable barbed wire fence. About 2 miles further, walking against the traffic, the trail suddenly did a U turn, back down the road and through rough fields to Aberfeldy, now negotiating difficult barbed wire fences and crumbling dykes. Again I had picked up someone else’s trail.

Above: this picture shows the difficulty in walking through this forest.

Red Herrings

During my search I met Lorna, a retired biochemist, a friend of Mary. She told me that she had come from the USA to find her friend and was not intending to go back until she found her. She also told me that a walker’s dog had come out of the forest on the west side of the road, covered in blood, which turned out to be from an animal, and a lip salve found in the heather was another red herring. Nevertheless, I tuned in again, at this new location, ending up in a quarry, stumbling around and over blocks of stone the size of cars - another false trail. This time there were electricity pylons running near the path, which gave me many loops of energy into the forest, with more deer and possibly a panther which is known to be loose in that area - no-one told me about this until later!

Body Found

Almost two months after Mary’s disappearance Lorna organized a search with six people, a cadaver dog and a spaniel, which found her body lying in comparatively open ground about 20 yards into the forest. The verdict of the police, before even an autopsy, was suicide. Lorna was surprised to find that although she had obviously died of hypothermia, she had taken off her jacket and thrown it away, but this often happens in these cases, as in the cold the human body conserves its heat to the inner organs, but at the point of death, releases its heat to the extremities, making the victim feel uncomfortably warm and divest some, or even all of his or her clothes. She had also crawled into the forest which is another sign of extreme hypothermia, the victim behaving like a hibernating animal and seeking somewhere to hide.

Lorna had given me Mary’s beautiful scarf, which I used as a witness, but to my surprise I discovered that instead of getting a single wave from it lying on the ground, there were many, and they were the width of the scarf! Tuning into Mary’s picture I also found that there were many waves from it, the width of the picture - no wonder my map dowsing was so well out - it gave me a 3 inch wide swathe of energy across the map!. Turning the picture edge on in the direction of Aberfeldy gave a line with no discernible amplitude, possibly as little as the width of the photographic emulsion.

Her scarf gives a large number of waves across a 1 inch map, her picture (blocked out, to left of Radionics machine) gives a smaller number, but when it is aligned on its edge, gives just one wave of energy, much more accurate.

Some eight people across the Internet map kindly map dowsed as well, but all of them, especially myself, were well out. Perhaps so many people were interfering with each other’s attempts.

Red lines show one person’s idea of her route, but her body was actually found bottom left, outlined in white.

When Lorna came to see me to collect her friend’s scarf I took it out of the police evidence bag and gave it to her. She gave a sigh and put it around her own neck. When I showed her that I could find the energy between her scarf and Mary’s remains, now cremated in the USA, she was absolutely thrilled.

On the Trail of The Lonesome Pine!

Across from my flat is the Crieff Hotel. A few days ago I was walking past it when I noticed that one of the tubs with conifers had been disturbed. In fact one of the local intelligensia had lifted one out by the roots and carried it away. Using my divining rod, I followed the culprit to the nearby car park, where the energy trail formed a loop, with more soil on the ground, where he had presumably put it into a plastic bag. It was only a few hundred yards walk in the dark down town to a modern bungalow, where his trail went into the back garden instead of his front door. The following afternoon I walked down to the bungalow and had a look at his house, hoping that he had planted it in his garden. Unfortunately it is surrounded by high hedges so I was unable to verify my work.


There are several conclusions I can make after these attempts to find Mary which may help others endeavouring this particular facet of dowsing:

1. Although I can follow a person accurately, for a short distance, I often get confused and tune in to someone else, or even an animal. Perhaps when I stop for a rest, climb over a stile or over rough ground and try to pick up the trail again I get confused with another person’s energy.

2. Following the ley lines across much of Scotland over a number of years as outlined in my book “Ley Lines and Earth Energies” has made me very sensitive to them - the energies people leave are very similar, so it was easy for me to transfer my ability to following Mary.

3. Using a picture of the target and turning it on edge gives a much more accurate vector for map dowsing.

4. We are all different, and I have no doubt there are others who are more able to use map dowsing effectively.

5. Overhead power lines and flowing underground water can warp the energy a person leaves behind into loops.

6. An Aurometer divining rod is so much more sensitive, and gave me a different rate on my Radionics machine.

7. My Radionics machine does work. Experimenting, I returned to where Mary was seen on CCTV and tried to follow her back to her holiday home using the picture alone as a witness. After just a few metres her trail turned off the road towards my parked car. Thinking that I had tuned into myself leaving the car I nevertheless carried on, past the drivers door and into the passenger’s door, to find my Radionics machine sitting on the passenger seat!

8. There were many false signals and directions from my Radionics machine, some no doubt due to other people like Lorna and the police handling the scarf.

Dowsing to Find a Missing Woman