Demonic Attack

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Recently I was asked to investigate a case of demonic attack in Dundee, Scotland.l

    The lady who was being attacked by a suspected incubus was in her mid 30s and told me a horrific story. She was being sexually assaulted every night and all night by the spirit, she thought, of  her dead husband, who had died some years previously of cancer.

        Worse, she believed that he had invited other spirits to join him and she was now in a pretty desperate state.

          Some of the symptoms were bizarre: she felt as if someone was inserting needles into her legs, and a microchip. She also heard her husband’s voice saying that he was trying to make “angels” with her, and she had a dragging feeling in her ovaries which made her suspect “they” were trying to steal her eggs.

       In this particular case two crossing fissures or underground streams (in red) cross directly under the bed, (see illustration above), causing a black spiral. Spirit lines, (more commonly called black streams,) perhaps over a thousand, (only a few in this illustration from right of picture, are automatically attracted into the centre of the spiral, causing a powerful "hot spot" which makes the occupant/s believe that she/he are being attacked.

      In this case, however, I could find no crossing underground streams. It seems that in some cases the victim attracts these spirit lines into his or her own body  for some unknown reason.

            In the company of two female researchers I entered her bedroom. The heavy oppressive feeling in that room was very noticeable, to put it mildly, and when I used my divining rod to map out the unhealthy waves I found what I had noticed in several other cases I had investigated in the past - a powerful black spiral at her hip area in the bed, with many other waves, perhaps over a thousand, attracted into its centre. Little wonder the poor woman felt that she was being attacked.

    Black spirals can be emitted from underground streams or faults, with certain types of geology above them. They tend to be very large, but for years I was puzzled when I encountered people with ill-health with small spirals at the site of their illness in bed. These spirals did not seem to be associated with any fissures or subterranean streams. It was some time before I discovered that they were caused by the person’s illness itself, and were imprinted in any place a person stayed for any length of time - a bed or favourite armchair, for instance.

        These attract “spirit lines” from graveyards - every grave has two spirals emitted from it, one positive, or healthy, one black or unhealthy, and they travel to the deceased’s house, and are attracted into the black spiral they left in bed (the ancient Chinese knew about this: if a member of the family was dying they would take him or her to another bed in the house, so that the family bed would not become “haunted”.

Geopthic Stress

Above: Each grave has spirals of energy from the chest area, one clockwise or unhealthy, one anti-clockwise or healthy. These travel for some distance before connecting with each other  then forming a wave which travels to the deceased's house, (see wave effect arrowed at top left) and usually, the bed they occupied when alive. They will also seek out the black spirals in the bed of a person with a black spiral in his or her bed at the site of illness.

   They can penetrate the walls of the burial ground, but prefer to pass  through breaks, like an open gate or collapsed part of the wall.

    They will not pass through iron (faeries, dragons, detest iron!) gates or fences as shewn in this illustration.

    This burial-ground, like so many other ancient burial-grounds, has been carefully situated above a geological fault, in this case, the powerful Highland Boundary Fault.

            I used a Tibetan singing bowl in an attempt to reduce the black spiral, although I am not sure how successful this was, and the two researchers gave her instructions on visualisation techniques to protect herself.

      I also contacted a spirit medium who cleansed her house. After several attempt Mrs. XXXX reported that the attacks had ceased, and she had the first good night’s sleep for some time. She e-mailed me:

“The other night in one of my nightmares my husband was there with all his friends and I spoke to them all, he looked so evil and I sprayed holy water all over them and they were all laughing. The next thing there was a bright light and he turned into the husband I loved. He smiled at me and then he went into the bright light and was gone. Then something from the bright light sprayed something over the others and they all turned into dust. So maybe that was the same time that Wilma Davidson (spirit rescuer) persuaded him to move on”

     Later, I telephoned my co-author and scientist, Anne Silk, who told me that demonic attack was a known scientific effect: an eddy current in the brain, which causes visual, audio and tactile effects on a human body. In short, the brain playing tricks, and trying to make sense of the attack she was experiencing.   Anne pointed out that the source of the problem could come from a nearby television on standby, electric bedside clock, or telephone, possibly enhanced by mercury amalgam fillings in her teeth. Our modern society is full of electro-magnetic waves from a myriad of sources. She also pointed out that anyone suffering from a severe electric shock in the past could suffer from such symptoms.

Edinburgh Demonic Attack

 Another couple in Edinburgh asked me for help. One was a nursing sister and her companion. Both were being attacked, the nurse on the floor above was badly violated by a “cold unfeeling entity” and her friend below her had her bed shaken every night. I found the black spiral in, as usual, the hip area, which explained the attacks, but when I went to the other lady on the floor below, I found the black spiral, which normally rise vertically upwards, just missed her bed, which explained why it was being shaken and she was not physically attacked. When I questioned them they told me that they had been in their flat shortly before the attacks, and had seen a huge glowing object speeding towards them over the city. The object hit their flat, which glowed orange for some time, before gradually fading away.

         This, of course, does not explain the black spiral attracting the spirit lines in her bed - after all, incubi, male spirits attacking females in bed, and sucubi, female spirits attacking males  have been written about down through the centuries, long before electricity was discovered.

        Anne also pointed out that Dundee (the Fort of God) is built on a volcanic plug, the geology beneath her house would probably be basalt. Imagine a lightning strike perhaps even centuries ago magnetizing the rock, then long after, houses were built there, with this unfortunate woman sleeping in a highly magnetized area - one possibility.

       Oddly, Mrs. XXX told me that even when standing talking to us she felt that she was being violated.

     Update: She later e-mailed me and told me that she had been to see her G.P. who discovered that she had cervical cancer.

    When she had radiation treatment the attacks stopped.

      I should have suspected this myself, as I have had customers with similar complaints, but it was the stories of hearing her husband, etc., which led me in the wrong direction. This was probably her brain trying to make sense of something she could not understand.

     But it still does not explain the masses of Spirit Lines which were attracted into her abdomen.

    Years ago I attended a similar case in Edinburgh, a woman who said she had been attacked every night for eight years. When I entered her house, her husband told me that he had been attacked by some invisible force as well. He started to say the Lord’s Prayer to protect himself, and felt what appeared to be talons tearing his face, although there was no visible evidence of this. They were both obviously terrified and my initial diagnosis of a hysterical female was instantly dismissed. I found the usual powerful black spiral at the hip area, between them, in bed. After a little questioning I discovered that they had been in Africa and she had stolen her husband from another woman there. I asked if the other woman had kept any of her husband’s clothing and they replied, rather puzzled, “yes, she kept his underpants and trousers.” I pointed out that this was typical of a Juju curse and this may have been the cause of their problem.  Like Mrs XXX , she had been attacked in the street.

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