Bronze-age Cup-marks

(Rock Art or Petroglyphs)

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A cup marked stone at Fortingall burial ground, Tayside.

The Faery Stone, St. Fillans, Perthshire, with two very faint cup-marks on top

A sandstone cliff at Mauchline, Ayrshire

Above: Cup marks on boulder cover on souterrain at Pitcur, Dundee

Above: Boulder at the inner entrance to Pitcur souterrain

This boulder shows many cup marks, which are a map of Earth Energies or ley lined across Scotland

    Above: Connachan Farm, with Foulford Inn in background

Above: A fine display of Petroglyphs at Ormaig, Argyll

Above: Cup marked stone in a stone circle at Monzie Castle, near Crieff

Above: cup marked stone in the Dundurn Burial ground, St. Fillans

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Dundurn burial ground with spiral of energy from grave into cup marked stone