"Ley Lines and Earth Energies" Book

The Most Comprehensive Book on Ley  Lines yet Published

David has spent many years actively researching ley lines and their effects to produce the first book to show how ley lines actually work.

     This research will probably be the basic text book on ley lines for many years to come.

   Co-author and scientist Anne has spent a lifetime researching phenomena all over the world and putting some of it into a realistic context as effects from little-known Earth Energies.

(Left): Doctor sees hundreds of ghostly figures dancing in front of and through his car bonnet in Isle of Wight. (Outgassing from planet can cause such phenomena)

The purpose of stone circles;

How Ley Lines work and integrate with standing stones, circles and ancient burial grounds;

Straight leys acting as "magnetic bottles" to form other more important ley energies;

The "Electric Brae", a road which seems to defy the laws of gravity;

The ghost of half of a woman in a castle on a ley line;

Using divining rods to locate a tunnel beneath this castle used to dispose of the bodies of clansmen in its dungeons;

The role of cup-marked stones (Rock Art or Petroglyphs). Volcanic plugs (Stirling and Edinburgh Castle are situated on these) radiate telluric energies in streams, in which our ancestors built their tiny burial-grounds. These are always situated on the crossing points from several such geological anomalies. and also on a special type of ley line.

An ancient town based on a star-shaped earth energy pattern;

Effects in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, a town built on a volcanic dome;

 Earthquake noises;

The peculiar qualities of some form of ley lines - their abilty to tune into resonant cavities, new graves, and other previously unknown effects - also their "sympathetic resonance" - after touching one object, it seeks out other similar objects in its vicinity;

Ghostly lights follow boat carrying coffins on Loch Tay;

How to find ley line energy by using the ancient art of divining (water witching);

How to increase the energy down a ley line;

Concave shapes and their use by Man from Megalithic ages onwards to focus natural energy from the planet through burial-grounds and temples, etc.

Wells that hiss, moan, and emit light;

Mount Rainier, the most dangerous volcano in the USA;

Brain scan (EEG) of a person with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome taken on a "safe place" on the planets geopathic field and also in her bed, shewing major changes;

Physical effects above geological anomalies;

How to follow fault lines and lava dykes and measure their energies with divin ing rods;

Contributions by David Cowan and

co-author Anne Silk, FADO (Hons.), FFDO, FRSA

Geopathic Stress Cup marks

Ley Line map  across Scotland and Northern England;

How to build a major Ley Line across country, using natural telluric energy from standing stones, volcanic anomalies, cup-marked stones, etc., on which to place dwellings, burial-grounds and ancient towns;

Ionized columns of lights from faults;

Ball lightning and Min Min Lights. Three pages of detailed charts around the world;

People struck dead at dinner table in Wiltshire by Ball Lightning;

R.A.F. launch hit by large Ball Lightning;

Light phenomena over airfields;

Ionized islands of energy in near-earth space cause unidentified aerial phenomena;

Pillars of light near standing stones at Kinross, Scotland;

Spontaneous combustion of rock at iron mine in Australia;

Coal mine in China burns for 4 centuries;

Noxious gases cause people to fall into abyss in China;

Hauntings above geological faults:

How to protect your house from unhealthy Earth Energies;

Post Viral Fatigue Symptoms and other forms of ill-health on the planet's geopathic field;

The Ardachie House, Scotland, hauntings as auditory and visual effects from natural earth energies, not ghosts;

Lady sees “houses of golden crystals” in a Scottish Glen;

Woman savagely raped by demonic being (incubus) in Edinburgh; another husband and wife also attacked;

Ghostly cars, trains, and a poltergeist in a shop spanning 40 years;

Poltergeist effects and possible causes;

Spontaneous water appearing out of nowhere;

Green globes of light emitted from geological fault in lake;

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Hauntings at a Texas store in Newport, Isle of Wight;

Mud spring swallows animals at Wootten Bassett, Wiltshire;

“Treacle mines” (morasses of tar, pitch and mud) in Lancashire, England, and Georgia, USA;

Glassy volcanic tunnels world wide;

Circles of sheep and cattle;

Crop circles, magnetic fields in human brain; are the genuine formations the result of turbulent flow and chaos in areas of multi-sourced energies?

Chladni patterns (sand on metal and glass plates which form patterns when vi brated) and crop circles;

Devil’s Footprints (lines of single footprints, sometimes several metres apart, in snow, sand or mud which can stretch for hundreds of miles across country, "impossibly" traversing rivers, houses, and ravines). Chart showing examples world-wide and theory that they are a special types of earthquake waves;

Couple in Aberdeen suffering from Electrostress - unable to live in home;

Effects from earthquakes and their similarities to poltergeist phenomena.

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