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Above: Bronze Age petroglyphs - cup-marked rocks at Ormaig, Kilmartin, West of Scotland

The cup-marked stone at Connachan Farm, with Foulford Inn at back.

Above: cup-marked stone at Fortingall Burial Ground, Perthshire

Ormaig petroglyphs. Cup-marked stone in souterrain at Pitcur

Above: Cup marked stone at the entrance to Pitcur souterrain inner chamber

Cap stone at Pitcur

Above: Cup marked cover stone at Pitcur souterrain

Possible cup-=marked stone near Ardtalnaig.

Above: possible cup marked stone at Ardtalnaig, Perthshire

Cup marked recumbent stone at Connachan Farm, foulford Inn at back

Cup marked recumbent stone at Connachan Farm, plan view

Above:  Cup marked stone at Monzie Castle, near Crieff, Perthshire

The faery stone St. fillans A cup marked stone in fortingall burial ground. Plan view of Connachan Farm cup-marked stone.

     Cup marked standing stone at Monz\ie Castle

Cup Marks

 Bronze-age Cup-marks (Rock Art or Petroglyphs)

Below: The Faery Stone at St. Fillans, Perthshire, with two faint cup-marks on top

A cup marked stone at Dundurn burial ground, St. Fillans. This stone attracts the energy from all of the burials.

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