by David R. Cowan

and Chris Arnold (Anne Silk)

This is the first book by David Cowan which re-launches the concept of Ley Lines as fact - a must for anyone interested in the subject. The author walked over 3,000 miles following the Ley Lines emitted by the standing stones and stone circles to give the first ever modern glimpse of how they work and their purpose.  Included is a Ley Line map across country of the energy just one powerful cup-marked  stone  emits – cup-marked stones are the unrecognized  basis of the ley line system.

This book shows how knowledge from the ancient Egyptians to the Stone Age has been used to build Ley Lines, straight lines across the UK and USA with Burial Grounds, Castles, Royal Palaces, Churches, Cathedrals, Abbeys and Irish Round Towers, carefully placed on them, and, in the USA, all of the capital cities.  

    More recently, major banks, insurance companies and other powerful institutions have been situated on the most powerful ley lines, perhaps to subtly control the populations they serve.

      The author discovered the secret after many decades of research – the major leys are all powered by distant volcanic plugs and extinct volcanoes - they emit vertical waves like the spokes of a bicycle wheel and secret societies have cunningly used some of these ‘spokes’ to place their places of power, especially between two or even in the most powerful leys, three volcanic plugs and extinct volcanoes in line.

.     Five of the major authors on the subject have been unwittingly mapping the Ley Lines in the UK and USA without realizing that volcanic anomalies were the sources of these subtle energies.

       These discoveries are undeniable, and scientists, archaeologists, physicists and geologists are now going to have to accept their reality.




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Ley Lines, Standing Stones, Geopathic Stress,

Cup-marked Stones, Poltergeists, and Dowsing

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Map of ley lines from the recumbent stone at Connachan Farm.

Note that this powerful stone sits on top of the Highland Boundary Fault .

The energy which powers this circuit also comes from the volcanic island of Boreray beating against the volcanic plug of North  Berwick Law, to the East of Edinburgh.

Also important is the number of ancient burial grounds which these leys serve.

More information on book, "Ley Lines and Earth energies Map of ley lines More Information on Book, Ley Lines of the UK and the USA

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Picture is of The “Praying Hands of Mary” in Glen Lyon, on a ley line stretching across country from the volcanic island of Staffa.

All of the ancient sites are placed above or between volcanic plugs or extinct volcanoes

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and Earth Energies” 

Ley Line Map of the USA.  All of the capital cities of America (only a few shown) are in a line with extinct volcanoes. The whole country was laid out geomantically from the very beginning!

The "Electric Brae" and Gravity Hills "Ley Lines of the UK and the USA"" book